John Moore loves to teach. As a marketing consultant, he’s taught thousands of executives how to build meaningful and profitable brands.

As a Pickleball player, he’s taught scores of beginner and intermediate players to elevate their game.

John started playing pickleball in 2014 and during his business travels, he would pack his pickleball gear and get lessons from some of the best players in the world. Starting in 2016, John began giving pickleball lessons to players in the greater Greenville, SC area. In 2023, John taught over 1,300 players in group clinics and private lessons. John has developed a proven training program that will help you become a better and more confident pballer.

Through his private lessons, you’ll learn how to hit unattackable shots, develop a killer punch volley, serve smarter/stronger, develop a consistent third shot drop and gain winning doubles playing strategies. John will help you to start playing pickleball with a chess strategic approach and not a checkers mindset.

John will design a training session to address specific areas of your game that need improvement. Expect to fast track your game with each session.

Private Lessons

One-on-One Lesson: $60
Duo Lesson: $80
3 Lesson Package: $160 total
(3, 55-minute lessons)
Group Rate: $45 per player
(3 or 4 players, 90-mins)

To arrange a private lesson, email John: